The invergarry pumptrack is looking good and running fast right now. The City of Surrey recently did some hazard tree work around the track and used wood chips to cap the outsides of the track for erosion and weed control. We also think it adds to the aesthetic! Can you see how hard it was raining in the photo?

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Invergarry work party

flow change…. can you spot it
We helped out with a dig-day at the Invergarry pump track. We moved a lot of dirt and flushed out a lot of drainage on the track. A lot of work by a small group of volunteers. We would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered their time! Big thanks also to the City of Surrey for supplying the great fluffy dirt, drinks, snacks and the help of Staff at the event!
Want to get involved? Contact Dirtwest through facebook link on the right——>>
Or call the City of Surrey @ 604 501 5050
crew of the day

start ’em young :)
drainage… the unfun necessary maintenance

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New bench

new bench in Invergarry

The City of Surrey has added a bench to Invergarry bike park. It is located next to the start mound and has a great view of the pumptrack. Big thanks to the City of Surrey for the recent enhancements at the park!

Little Shredder and Excitabike flowtrails in the background.
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Little Shredder surfacing

The City of Surrey teamed up with some from volunteers last week to resurface the green flow trail: Little Shredder in Invergarry bike park! No more bumps and rocks poking through the trail. Most of the trail has been capped in crushed gravel to smooth things out and increase durability. The nice thing about crushed gravel is that surfacing material can be material added on top and it will adhere really well. It rides great and is only on rollers and not any berms or corners. The decision was made to use it over the clay-loam due to a lack of moisture in the soil on site at the time of the volunteer event. With no water at Invergarry summer building is tough to do.  

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