Always moving

Curtis Robinson ripping at the Coast Gravity park looks pretty sweet. Looks like a special blacked out Specialized ike for this Coastal Crew rider.

Always Moving featuring Curtis Robinson

Inspired by new tools this video was created with no rules, no concept, no schedule and not a single still shot. Sit back an enjoy “Always Moving” featuring Curtis Robinson.

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Trevor Porter

Trevor is a really nice guy. This is a video about him. 

Allow me to introduce… Myself.
Kona is a company packed with amazing and talented people. People with families, people with cool interests and as you probably guessed, a whole bunch of people that ride. We want you to meet these people face to face, to get to know them and have a look behind the scenes to see what makes everyone here tick.
To kick things off in our new My Kona series of videos we’d like to introduce you to Trevor Porter. Trevor works out of our Canadian office. Like most of us at Kona, he handles a few different responsibilities. Trevor is the sales rep for British Columbia, works in the Kona Product Group and takes care of Canadian SuperGrass riders. But he can tell you all that (and more) in person.

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Dynomite roll

new rainbow and ridearound

Vince from Dirtwest has been busy on the flow trail Dynamite Roll in he South Surrey Bike Park. This section of trail has changed significantly is recent months. It is now a super flowy and fun section,

old Aframe with new ridearound

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bike flute

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Vietnamese Man Makes Music With His Bike | Got Talent Global
Watch this man play music with his BIKE.
Posted by Got Talent Global on Monday, 7 December 2015

This guy plays a mean bike-flute. But does he ever take it off any sweet jumps?

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This is totally hilarious. I know I’m a bit late posting it, but it is really enjoyable to watch.

First Place 2015 Dirt Diaries Film Festival

Matt Dennison

Matt Dennison & Kaz Yamamura

Kyle Norbraten

Ollie Jones, Cam McCaul, Trevor Berg, Hailey Elise, Kaz Yamamura, Erica Lawson, Matt Aldridge, Joe Aldridge, Andrew Santos

Parker Heuser

Matt Dennison

Leo Zuckerman, Mike Crowe, Chris MacLeod, Emily Wright, Seb Kemp, Hailey Elise, Ollie Jones, Kris Lakatos, Parker Heuser, Ashley Ellwood, Theo Kim, Mike Parkerson, Mark Mackay, Jason Lucas, Laurence Crossman-Ems, Dale Russell, Kirsten Spate, Ryker Gamble, Ryan Cheng, Alexey Lyakh, The Fartbox.

Recorded on Rode Microphones

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Best video I have seen in a while. This dude has some really awesome flair.

R-Dog – 3 Bikes, 3 Minutes

Ryan “R-Dog” Howard throws down in the Coast Gravity Park on Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. In three minutes, R-Dog styles his signature whips on three Trek bikes—Session, Slash, and Ticket S. Music: “Keep on Swinging” by Rival Sons Preview Rival Sons’ latest album, Great Western Valkyrie on iTunes:

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This made me ill…

Red Bull Hardline with Jeep 2015: Gee Atherton POV Course Preview

Published on Sep 10, 2015We’re two days away from Red Bull Hardline with Jeep, and here’s the world exclusive GoPro first run with Gee Atherton.
will anyone conquer the Jeep Renegade Step Up?

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